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Crow names. Shifting.

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When I was meditating, I saw one of my raven spirits. His name was **** and I searched for it, as****the raven, abd it was real. I said politely not to come with me because I thought I couldn't be with him for religious reasons. I felt awkward.

shifiting experience 1

when I was nearly asleep, (this is not an OBE, but nearly one) I started imaging myself wandering outside my body and I jumped and flew, in the form of a crow(or raven) I saw trees, river beneath my apartment, and lights. and I came back and fell asleep.

experience 2.

It happened today. I was sleeping and I suddenlly realized in dream that I should shapeshift. I became a crow and tried to get on the window, but I failed.

experience 3.

I did guided shapeshifitng meditation for wolves, (or animals that have paws) and I met a crrow spirit and became a crow. I flew, ate crickets, and saw myself as a big crow with a puddle reflection.

experience 4

I sometimes feel phantom wings when I'm excited or happy. normally I control myself.

experience 5,

I had many crow dream during 4 months. one of them I had phantom wings, and every time I touchjed people with wings in a drema they buzzed with sudden touch feelings.

and so on...
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