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Day of Drizzle

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For me I have always felt some kinship with the rain, misunderstood, hated and yet so the world around it. If I get the chance I walk out in to as though saying thank you to the rain for blessing me. You'd think people would be a lot more understanding but no yet again they prove their stupidity by worshiping the sun through tanning and sunbathing despite the damage the sun does but hey its normal to the majority so why shouldn't we all kill ourselves slowly in the sun and hate the rain.

Those same people love all the cute little bunnies but scream and kill the innocent spider despite the spider being alone and scared. A spider isn't a human it won't bite for no reason and yet phobias about them are common. The same goes for sharks, more people are killed by cows than sharks but hey let us all freak over sharks but stroll past cows without a care in the world. Sometimes I see the world as being blind and sometimes I wish I could join them so I don't have to watch the stupidity of it all
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