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Department of Interplanetary Ambassadors

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Question (asked on tumblr): When I sense your aura I first notice how large and expansive and fluid it is. Then I keep sensing and I feel that there is no karma. You're just completely pure through and through. It looks almost clear like crystal water at first... or light before you split it into the rays. You have nothing to balance and there doesn't seem to be a personal purpose for your hard upbringing. So with that in mind why do you and other evolved souls choose such difficult childhoods? Why did you come here? :D

Answer: The reasons why certain beings incarnate can be very vast and varied. One of my purposes was simply to show people that you can choose to be traumatized your whole life or you can choose to rise above that and create something that is far more heavenly than what you were originally given by your parents, caretakers, authority figures etc. I wrote this at the end of last week: it is a short version of the energy exchange I may have had before incarnating on earth in this life. =)

Department of Interplanetary Ambassadors

© Elle Swann 2016

*Waiting in line at the Admissions Office of Earth Ambassadors*

*Observing some souls taking papers and going in one direction… others talking to the person behind the counter for a few moments and then heading in the directions they came from*

*Finally it is my turn*

*Stepping up to the counter as the Secretary of Earth Ambassadors Applications smiles at me and shuffles papers into a neat stack*

Secretary: Hello, Dear! Are you here to apply for a position as an ambassador on earth?

*Secretary reaches towards a stack of papers to “her” left without losing eye contact with me and presents me with a ten page application*

Me: No ma’am… well not exactly anyways. I was contacted by the Director of Earth Ambassadors who requested to have an appointment with me. I received his invitation via telepathic upload. We don’t have paper where I just came from so I assume that he contacted me with the knowledge of my current race in mind.

Secretary: Oh? *Eyes get rather large* May I see your invitation?

*Projecting mental image of invitation to secretary which has the personal stamp and seal of the Director on it. There’s no question that this is truly from the Director “himself”. Secretary knows that the Director’s seal can only be telepathically communicated by those who have truly received it from him. There is no seal-hacking system in this astral/otherworld realm.*

Secretary: *Looks at me with a small smile* Let me call the Director for you and let him know that you are here for your appointment. May I offer you some energy? *Holds a cup of glowing white/blue elixir substance* You have traveled a long way… this might help you send clear images to the Director while you are talking to him.

Me: No thank you ma’am. *politely puts hands together and bows out of gratitude and respect* I’m actually full of energy and the hard part is being still right now. I’m used to wandering far distances.

Secretary: Oh! Well then I’ll just call the Director for you.

*Secretary closes eyes and forms a triangle shape with her forefingers and thumbs. After a few moments, Secretary opens eyes and waves me a hundred feet away.*

Secretary: The Director will be with you shortly! Thank you for showing up!

Me: Thank you!

*Secretary goes back to the souls in line*

*Waiting for a few seconds…*

*Tapping on my left shoulder occurs and I turn to see the Director standing directly behind me*

Me: Hello Sir!

Director: Hello Ambassador.

*Director is an older gentleman… formal but polite. Mostly business but used to exchanging niceties depending on the sensitivity of the soul in front of him*

Me: You called for me Sir? Thank you for the invitation. It is an honor to be contacted by the Director of Earth’s Ambassador Admissions.

Director: Yes. Thank you for responding. Many of my invitations go disregarded due to souls wanting to ascend rather than help existing neighbors in the galaxy.

Me: Well, I’ve done this before. I wouldn’t even be in this galactic neighborhood if I had not first been called by those seeking help for 3rd and 4th density planets. I’ll return to the Light later. For now, I’d rather stick around for the party.

Director: I thought you might say that. I see we contacted you millions of years ago long before earth formed to work with other civilizations that have long since passed.

Me: Yes. I existed in a place called Ava where I was a shimmer of light. It was after we broke off from Source… but it was a place that didn’t know of hunger or pain. Almost like the angelic realm. Like the others, I was curious enough to leave in order to help beings who incarnated on denser planes.

*Director smiles subtle-y at me*

Me: Director? Am I picking up on your mental images correctly? It seems that you want me to return to earth for a position that has been hard to fill.

Director: Yes. I am glad you are already aware of why I called you here. I’ll just get straight to the point.

*Director gestures towards the line at the Admissions Office which is off in the distance*

Director: You see we have plenty of souls who have not completed their evolution within their own civilizations. They come to us out of boredom, see the application, get scared, and go back to where they came from. That is good for them but not so great for our Department. Every once in a while someone fills out our application, tentatively qualifies for a position, and so we connect their astral bodies with an earthly vehicle… but then they end up projecting their unfinished karma onto earth and adding to the mess. Or they just act as spectators like they would in other parts of the galaxy. We’ve had excellent applicants like the Christos but the problem is that souls like that end up being too godlike for human beings and all of their work turns into a contribution towards the religions that have devastated the planet with war.

Me: Sir, surely I am not the only one who can help you with this. I don’t believe in being special.

Director: That is precisely why I contacted you. If you don’t mind, I’d like to discuss why I need your help while interviewing you simultaneously if that is okay. None of this means that you have to accept the mission I am presenting to you, but it does help get things done in a timely fashion.

*Director looks at me for approval*

Me: *Nodding…*

Director: Excellent.

*Director pulls glasses out of his front shirt pocket which of course is neatly pressed. He looks ethereal but there is a certain level of density that adds to his appearance which indicates his long term in this office*

*Director then pulls a clipboard out of a pocket in space which has a gold pen attached by an ethereal string. Gazing off into the distance, I observe various wormholes and galactic currents which take souls and spaceships to certain parts of the universe*

*Director makes a few marks with the pen on the clipboard and then raises his gaze to meet mine with the pen still poised over the clipboard*

Director: I sent you my invitation because I was searching through our galactic database for souls who have met certain criteria. There was a time when we did not have to do that but due to the current state of earth… application flow has greatly dwindled leaving us slightly desperate. Not desperate in a fearful sense, you see, but we really need to keep the earth files active. If we do not continuously send a few ambassadors to earth every decade the whole program will fail.

*Director shows me a few files*

Director: As you can see, we have sent many ambassadors in the past. Some fulfilled their missions. Others abandoned theirs… using celebrity status and earthly trauma as an excuse to forget why they went to earth.

Me: So why am I qualified?

*Director adjusts glasses and peers at me over the tops of the frames with a crooked smile*

Director: Well I was looking through your PIN charts- I assume you are familiar with parallel incarnation charts… humans call them past lives… and I can see that you are someone who never succumbs to long-term trauma. I read here *indicates towards one file with his thumb* that one of your Pleiadian planets was completely destroyed while you remained in contact with the Orions. Apparently you had a level of detachment and empathy that kept you from withdrawing completely from the Orions but at the same time allowed you to continue working in their dream time and to find a solution for them that advanced the consciousness of their own archetypes.

Me: Ah yes. That was a great project. The Christos was involved in that one too… I’m surprised that his involvement made earth a little worse instead of better for a while. His archetype was enough to inspire change in the Orions.

Director: Yes. We thought the same thing but now we know better. It also says here *gestures towards several more files* that you have thoroughly integrated the water and air elements in your being. I checked with your planet’s biosphere and I see that the Pleiades has indeed achieved that fine goal. Congratulations.

Me: Thank you, Sir.

Director: I also have observed that you have cosmic empathy and that you have great experience with archetypes since you are a First Contact Specialist in the Pleiades. You have contacted thousands of civilizations with great success and have adapted to a level of lucid dreaming that enables you to communicate with races that might be close minded to open contact.

Me: Yes. That is second nature to most Pleiadians.

Director: And before you integrated the air and water elements you spend time in those realms?

Me: Yes. I even resided in ice on a distant moon. I learned to understand the air element as a part and extension of my own aura. I can understand the reason for each thunderstorm, each cloud, each wave on the ocean. I existed to love and to be free simultaneously. I could flow with innocence and without agenda like water. I could be aware of every change, movement, and current in any given atmosphere. They called me Elyrria in the Pleiades, Director. That is our word for waterfall. I didn’t stop there though. It wasn’t enough. I had to use those things to help other races remember that we are all one Family.

Director: Excellent. Now I need to know if you can make those things practical.

Me: Practical? Well… let’s see… I used my cosmic empathy to contact Zebulon… a priest in the time of Atlantis on earth. Let’s just assume for now that water plus air equals cosmic empathy. It makes my explanation easier even if it is overly simplified. Anyways, Zebulon did not agree with the corrupt priests of Atlantis and he knew ahead of time that people were going to die because of a destructive element that they manifested out of their consciousness. So I led Zebulon and a small tribe of people away from Atlantis towards a place that might be considered *checks an earth map*… the Middle East? I then helped him establish a new civilization that offered a second chance to earth. One where they would decide as a collective not to destroy themselves again even though there were still a lot of kinks to work out in their warlike consciousness. I remained in contact with him as Elyrria through his lucid dreams. After a while, he was able to make contact with me while he was awake… almost like he was channeling me for the small group of people that he brought with him. That helped a lot. This is just one small instance really… but it was a pivotal point in humanity’s story.

Director: Yes. I can see that that is one of many things you have done. *Makes a mark with his gold pen that I cannot see over the edge of the clipboard* Tell me about archetypes. What experience do you have with those? Humans hold those very dearly and a lot of souls don’t realize that before going in to their earth incarnations. They go into shock and it defeats the entire purpose of sending them there.

Me: I think I can handle that. I speak to civilizations in their dream time with the faces and voices of their archetypes if I absolutely have to. I don’t take that offensively. I realize that discovering that your religious systems are based on fear can be rather shocking… I can present people with the highest form of their archetypes though and kind of ease them into the knowledge that they’ve forgotten a lot about themselves and that there are many other civilizations in the universe. Sometimes it takes some time to study the archetypes they have… but I always get the hang of it. Earth does have far more war like archetypes than most places do. I can see that humans are afraid of controlling their own destinies so they invent gods to do that for them. I think I can work with that but I’ll have to be really creative. As you can see though, Sir, I don’t anger easily and I can remain consciously aware during my empathy.

Director: Consciously aware during empathy? What does that mean?

Me: Well when most people experience empathy they don’t even know that they are doing it. When they feel angry they assume it is just because they are angry. Sometimes they are angry with themselves but other times they are actually picking up on the anger or pain of someone sitting next to them and don’t even realize it. I am able to know whenever I am picking up on something that does not come from me. It helps a lot so that I don’t become clouded by negative emotions. Some starseeds allow prime directives to suppress their awareness of peace and love and that’s why fights in the new age communities can break out. They are on really good missions but the missions become so important to them that they forget how to present the information in the best way. I won’t forget. I’ve spent too much time with stubborn civilizations to know that information alone is not enough to inspire them to evolve. When starseeds forget that, they feel frustrated because they start to doubt why they came here and they doubt their effectiveness… and eventually their own message. I won’t do that since I am aware that I need to present humans with Past, Present, and Future Self awareness through their dreams. When I do that, I create an image and images are far more powerful than “Thou shalt nots”, Sir.

Director: Yes, very good. I just needed to check on that because it has been a huge issue for us. Tell me this. How well do you understand human beings? I may as well tell you exactly why you are needed here. We don’t have many people who are able to stay in the present moment long enough to give people a taste of what they are returning to. They become so overwhelmed with the pain and suffering they think they have to experience on earth that they end up trying to escape just like a lot of the humans do. We also have so many starseeds that long to return to previous planets that they are also unable to tap into the joy in the Present moment. As you know, Golden Age consciousness cannot come about until people are Present.

Me: Well said, Director. There is one small issue though.

Director: *Glances up quickly from the clipboard* And what is the issue?

Me: Well… I’ve worked with a lot of civilizations that have forgotten who they are… but not to the extent that humans have forgotten. When I came to earth before, I sailed on the Titanic and played a musical instrument as I helped people transition into non-physicality… but I still didn’t have a firm grasp on the darkness that can take over an entire civilization. The Pleiadians actually had a really hard time understanding the shadow self which is why we manifested a plague in our society and why we indirectly caused the Orions to destroy one of our planets. I guess what I’m saying, Sir, is that the one thing standing in between me and total success… is a lack of experience in the Studies of the Dark Arts. If I am going to assist earth’s evolution and help people remain Present… I really need to know how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Director: Thank you for saying that so succinctly. I was worried I would have to explain it and that it might scare you. As it so happens there is a family here that can show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. They will not be nice to you. Do you understand that?

Me: Yes, Sir. I understand that. Maybe I don’t understand exactly what you mean by that but I feel the dense energy you’re speaking about.

Director: They will not know who you are and they will not remember who they are. They will project their pain onto you and will probably be very abusive. They will send you to places that show you what happens when a certain race allows fear and darkness to take over. You will be around people who think that you are crazy and who will teach you what happens when empathy is suppressed and control reigns. You will go so deep into the hole that you will hear the cries of children stuck in forms of concentration camps all over the world when you sleep and you will have to find new ways to contact them and to expose corrupt organizations without the organizations knowing that it is you who are doing it. Of course since you are so telempathic… every good thing in the universe will be speaking to you and telling you their dreams too- so there is a good chance you won’t snap and go crazy. The moon herself might even speak to you in your dreams if I am understanding your empathy correctly. Also, you won’t be able to participate in certain things… like watching certain forms of media or joining certain fan groups because you will be able to sense the dark agenda behind them. Your sensitivity will be seen as crazy for awhile… I’m concerned that you might begin to feel lonely like many starseeds do. I’m looking for another Galileo who will never feel lonely even though the sun and stars may be their only friends for many years. Am I being clear about how hard this can be?

Me: Sir, you don’t have to worry. My problem is actually telling my guides and faeries and spirits to leave me alone for certain amounts of time. I’m never alone even when I am “alone” if you know what I mean. The call of humanity has already made its way into my dreams. They want a Savior. I cannot give them that. I can give them new dreams though and glimpses into alternate selves they can always choose to Be. You don’t have to worry about loneliness in me. I already feel complete. One wave never feels separate from the ocean no matter how far it may travel onto the shore. The stars and planets tell me their wishes when I sleep… I see the world through a billion eyes. Send me to this family. I will balance their karma through myself. To Love someone is to accept their karma as your own. I will take theirs and even though they do not know it… they will help me to expose injustice and pain and will teach me what needs to be healed the most.

Director: And what will your approach be? Will you announce yourself to the world? Will you allow yourself to be crucified… glorified on a cross? Do forgive me for making you figure this out so suddenly… but I need this information in order to complete the application.

Me: No problem, Sir. I think on my feet and my thoughts move quickly. I can teach humans that as well. I was reading in the Book of Earth Stories about how a certain people used a Trojan horse to sneak into a city to win a war. It’s hard for me to think of this as a war but I was inspired by the concept. Maybe I can keep all of this hush hush for awhile as I learn the ways of humanity? Then later on I can become more open about what I intend to do on earth.

Director: Yes. I like that. Much better than a fancy show of suffering. Also I must let you know that on earth- as you may recall- you will have a human brain that is somewhat dependent on chemicals and hormones that send signals to it. I’m trying to let you know that some things may feel out of control. You may experience PTSD, anxiety, and depression just by virtue of being in a human body. It’s okay to feel those things. You just need to remember not to let them take over your entire mission. Find your way out of those things and you can get down to business and help humanity understand the beauty that they are headed towards. Teach them about the elements that they need to integrate into themselves. If you want to, you can always accomplish side missions. Earth’s animals and plants are dying and it sounds like you could have a real passion for creating harmony within all of the species Kingdoms on earth. Since you have an elemental aura this should come naturally to you.

Me: That sounds exciting, Sir. I’ve always had an interest in astrobiology and interplanetary agriculture… it would be great to add earth’s biological information to my consciousness. I guess I just don’t feel afraid. Want to know a secret?

Director: Sure. What’s the secret?

Me: Well it isn’t really a secret but if you never really forget who you are you can never suffer. I’ll probably feel pain since I’ll be in a physical body. But I’ll choose not to suffer. In a way my life will be easier than a lot of humans even though my childhood will be horrendously traumatic. It’s easy when you know that linear time is an illusion and that the entire galactic family loves you. Humans cling to their families on earth because they are raised to believe that the mother and father’s word is the only truth that there is… it isn’t until they are adults that they sometimes think for themselves. Life is hard when all you know is conditional love from a small handful of people. I can hold onto myself, Sir. I can remember my many mothers and fathers in the Universe. I will always feel loved. I can always love. I’ve lived enough lives for some of the memories to seep through even though I may not remember every little thing.

Director: Ambassador?

Me: Yes?

Director: I think you just might be ready for this mission. I think it’s about time we can—

Me: Director, one moment please!!

Director: Yes?

Me: I will need a little help. I realize that I am unconditionally supported… but I am not exactly the guru of the Justice system. I don’t really understand stuff like that even though I do have cosmic empathy. I realize that earth has a justice system that works for them… but I need someone to actually fulfill the justice part of my mission for me. It has to be someone who isn’t necessarily part of earth’s evolution in the basic senses… but someone who has put in enough lives to qualify as a human. I need someone who can weave stories that are so powerful that they fill the earth with justice and awareness. It might help if I have a few other elemental beings incarnate with me even if I don’t meet them until later. I would also really appreciate a Dream Team composed of souls who have the level of telempathy to hold spaces where people can reevaluate their lives and actions and choose paths that don’t end humanity’s existence.

Director: A soul has already signed up to meet you after you leave your earth family. It will write stories like you asked for and it will help you understand humanity more. If you want a Dream Team, you’ll have to go to the Lucidity Club. They meet just outside of Sirius’s biosphere. They’re freelancers who have great skill. You’ll have to make an interesting case for them if you want to recruit and engage their excitement. Maybe you can ask a few of them to go with you and meet up with you later. Of course there will be artists and musicians and great speakers already on earth who help awaken the planet. The issue is that they aren’t seeing themselves as “one” right now but you can still find a friend in them when you need to.

Me: Thank you, Sir. If it would be okay I would like to leave for Sirius right away before I incarnate on Earth.

Director: Certainly. Ambassador?

Me: Yes?

Director: After you incarnate, you will not remember this conversation with me. Trust your intuition until you remember it later. What you are doing is of cosmic proportion. You will be awakening humanity to the fact that they are about to join the Galactic Family and achieve an entirely new level of existence. This will allow humans to upgrade and create hybrids with alien races… and as you know… since you lived a life 700 years in their future… it is vital to the success of the human race.

Me: Yes, Director, I understand. Right before I came here I signed up for the Hybrid Parent Program so that I could be deeply involved in the upgrading of human DNA/consciousness. I can channel the hybrid kids so that humans feel more connected to extraterrestrials.

Director: Marvelous. I was just about to suggest that extracurricular activity but it seems you are one step ahead. I am glad that I contacted you. Remember: You may abort this mission anytime. You may choose to forget all of this and to forget who you are. You can destroy your earth family and turn to self- medication if you want to… this application is not a binding contract. The rewards you will reap if you do complete your mission will be very immense though. No doubt you know the feeling of a civilization after it awakens and creates a new world.

Me: I know, Sir. It feels like returning to Source in a way. I won’t forget. I do have one request though… I was reading about how some souls reincarnate on earth on or near the date of their death in their past life on earth… So if someone dies on September 23rd in one life… they might choose to be born in their next life on September 23rd in order to jog their memory. Maybe it won’t do anything… I like to poke my nose into nerdy incarnation facts… But if it is okay with the Council… May I incarnate on April 14th? I died on that date on the Titanic and I think maybe I can use it as a reminder… one that connects me with my constant mission to serve earth no matter what the costs may be to my earth body.

Director: That can easily be arranged. That’s a small request. You sure you don’t want a few extra guides to come with you? Or a nicer family? You could make it work if you really wanted to.

Me: Thank you for the birthdate, Sir. But no thank you for the rest… If I’m going to have this experience I want the whole thing. I won’t whine for home or get upset. I love adventure too much. I won’t hate the people who are mean to me. They’re all really amazing souls who are just having a rough experience for the time being. In their true form they are just as evolved as you or I.

*Director signs the clipboard with flourish and slips it back into a pocket in space*

Director: Then you may go. Join the club at Sirius and then catch the Light Beam that comes to you afterwards. It will take you to your new family.

Me: Thank you so much. I appreciate all of the attention to detail you have put into this. You would make a fine Contact Specialist yourself.

Director: You are welcome. I must now get to another appointment. Another soul getting ready to go to earth needs some instruction. And ambassador?

Me: Yes?

*Director prepares to leave and looks over shoulder*

Director: Enjoy the Party.
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