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Details on my entry for the media contest

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The Anonymous Dragon - Kinmunity Media Contest 1 Entry | Kinmunity


So, the description box in the media center itself wasn't quite big enough for the full details on how I made my entry for the competition this year, but I figured some may be curious anyway, so I'll use my first blog post as an overflow spot for the info.

This is my fourth dragon sculpture over two years (though the first using scales made of plate and not entirely out of wire), and I have a system of sorts in place -a frame made from very thick copper wire at the center, a stick-figure dragon of sorts, and then fleshing out with slightly thinner wire (about half the gauge of the first) until I have something that resembles muscles or a heavy enough silhouette to work (the thick wire at the center also allows for posing).

The final step is skin and membranes, which is done with very thin wire (about the thickness of sewing thread), and this is the final detail on most of it (the membraning on the wings is done here, by wrapping the wire around the wing bones one at a time in a radiating pattern like a very tightly woven spiderweb).

In this one on the tails, neck, and legs, triangles of thin copper plate of varying size were cut out and then folded over with the points overlapping to create segments or scales. The full thing took three days in varying bursts of intensity, but probably amounts to twenty or so hours overall.
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