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Discovering my kintype: entry 1

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Ok so this is mostly for note-keeping but any advice is always welcome!

I will try to use a mostly scientific method to figure out what the hell I am, but I'm not a "real" scientist, so sorry about things that might be wrong, or if I ofend you in any possible way.


What is currently know

Goal: find my kintype

Hypothesis: None for the moment

  1. I feel one pair of phantoms wings. They seem really large, proportional to my body. When they are there, I can feel different elements (like wind or water) or inanimate object interact with them. They seem sensible to temperature shift. They are mobile and can be sort of controled sometime.
  2. I feel one phantoms tail. Said tail is preensible and can curl and move. It is sensible to temperature shift and inanimate object or elements. The tail seem to be around 120cm in lenght, and around 8cm in diameter.
  3. (WARNING: entry contain some blody details of body disphoria, please jump to #4 if it bothers you) I have severe disphoria on my feet. I hate having my talons on the ground and prefer being on my tip toes. I actively hate my two smaller toes on each feet and try to injure/cut them of multiple time. The disphoria extend to the bones in my feet linked to those toes. I had those feeling for as long as I exist. I also tried to rip my toenail a couple time.
  4. I have depersonalisation of my arms. In those instence I swear they are not mine. They always come in pair. Sometime I cannot even move them and have to wait a certain amout of time. The feeling of lose is directly at the shoulder and seem to include most bone structure present there. No pain was ever felt.

Things to do:
  • Try to understand the anatomy of the wings.
  • Try to understand what cover my wings/tail (fur, feathers, etc)
  • Study the situation in wich phantoms shift occur.
  • Study my mentality in those situations.

Others things to look into: the frenquency and lenght of each shift or episode of disphoria, for data purpose. Also make a list of possible general kintype.


At least I know I'm not a plantkin! Yay for self discovery!
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