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Do you know me?

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A few times, when the doubts about my kin nature got really bad, I said that if I were to join this site now without mentioning how long I've been part of the kin community, people would think I was fluff or a troll. Don't worry, no doubts right now. But I've found myself thinking about this again.You guys know that in the past I've been hard on the community as a whole for not being very welcoming to new people. But I understand it better now. And the situation is starting to change around.

Lately I've seen so many people joining the site and claiming some pretty outrageous-sounding things. And while I usually follow the "innocent until proven guilty" line of thinking, there have been more and more people lately who I initially doubt. Sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong. I don't act on it, of course; I always try to assume food faith in my posts, and ask for information. It's just my initial thoughts that have become a bit less positive lately.

I was thinking about this recently, especially with regard to one particular new member who I initially thought had to be a troll. I talked to them some, though, and realized that I was wrong. It got be back to the question, what if it was me? What would people think if I joined a forum with the beliefs I have now, and didn't mention my experience? I would likely be doubted as well. And I would want people to assume good faith for me.

Picture this. Pretend I just joined the site today. This is what my intro post would probably look like:

"Hello everyone. You can call me Gryff. I'm a fauntaur otherkin. It's a term I made up to put together all of the bits and pieces of my identity. A fauntaur is basically a faun, but it's demonic in a way, and can possibly change the number of legs it has. Given my obsession with transformation and some brief meditations, I believe my kin nature comes from being a victim of a forced transformation in a past life, though I'm far from sure about that."

I wouldn't blame anyone for reading that and thinking I was either a troll or out of my mind. So what I'm saying is, I'm trying to go into "unusual" introductions with a more open mind.

I have more to talk about, so I may post again later in the day. Right now, back to work.
The title of this post is pretty generic, but I did have a specific song in mind: "Remember Me" by Hoobastank.
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