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Dragon kintype

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As some may be already aware I have an dragon kintype. It is kind of an long story so I keep it short due the amount of time I have now.

Yeah my first gut feeling told me dragon but I didnt really want that. Considering how many dragons there are now and also it is known I like dragons. So I thought for an long time it is just an wishful thinking. While I did have draconic shifts in the past I always shrugged it off as an cameo or just wishful thinking. But it seems I cant deny the dragon any longer. Yes I am an dragon. I did look into dinosaurs but didnt really find an close match that alsp could explain the shifts.

I am an Aztec like dragon. While the body is the same the head is a bit different hence I say Aztec like. It has hair like the Eastern dragon, head that is more a mix between Western and Eastern. Small horns where the ears are located. But the other 2 horns are like the classical dragon horn. Instead of the snake body the Aztec dragons are depicted with while I do have an similiar body I do have 2 arms containing 5 claws on each side. Even the tail has tailons on each side 1. No spikes. If my memories are correct it is brownish color with an white full moon on the head between the eyes and markings on the back that are both white.Eyes are either dark blue or blue grey and the hair that ends near the neck is also white. Beyond that I dont know much else about the dragon.The small earhorns were special but I dont know for what. They are smaller than the main horns and are slightly backwards.
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