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Dream 1: Therian Wolf Pack

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This is a place I have seen before...

Is it the softball field? Maybe, but the softball field isn't there.

Who are these people? I've never seen them before. Well, maybe I have, and I don't remember who they are.

They are all wearing tails. They are sitting on logs, rocks and the ground. Some are on all fours.

I've never seen a therian pack here before.


Who's that?

Up on the hill, to the left!

He's just staring down at them... just like what I'm doing right now.

"STOP!" I shout.

He's throwing rocks at them.

Without thinking, I'm on all fours now.

I climb up the hill and tackle him.

What? He's not below me anymore.

Where'd he go?

I look up to a boy standing beside me.

He isn't the other boy I just tackled.

His hand extends out and I grab it.

I'm standing up now.

He says, "You are a wolf."

I reply with a strong yes and we both wolf run down to the others.

I'm sitting on a rock now, wearing my tail and chatting with another.

I tell her that I can't stay here, someone is going to find me.

She tells me that I can and they will protect me.

I tell her I can't stay here because they will hurt me.

She tells me I can stay here because they won't let them hurt me.​
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