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Dunno about an title that fits

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Well it is a while since my last blog entry. I will not do them that much though but figured it is time to write one again. Nothing really spectacular though.

Well as some may have known I did mention the possibility of a second kintype. Judging of all what happened it seems the case that I have do a second kintype but that is less persistent then Oxalaia but when ignored after a while it does resurface to catch my attention. First I thought sure a another cameoshift and that was really the main reason I wrote the possibility off of having a second kintype. Anyway I do not know yet what type of animal it is aside it is a prehistoric animals. Something in me says a extinct feline but I did researched canines too but it seems more fitting with a feline rather then a canine, other dinosaur or birds and stuff from the past. Doesnt mean I can be wrong it is just that. Species? Not really a idea but right now 2 stick more out then the rest: the Giant cheetah and American Lion.

Why extinct species instead of modern day animals? Well as crazy as it sounds when I had my awakening I always had the feeling of I must be extinct and not alive today. I dont really know how to explain it. I am familiar with modern day species and all are good and stuff but I dont feel them as me as for example the Oxalaia does and now with this second kintype. Sometimes I do feel really alienated from this time and feel as this is not natural or my home and instead longing back to something else that I cant really explain. Altough it doesnt happen much when I do I look around me at the world and feel things I cant explain but that arent human too. Honeslty I dont know where these come from but it isnt something I would feel as a human. I dont really create worlds to make it easier. Heck, I look around and feel slight predator like instincts that I cant place under humans altough we do have still have instincts of our ancestors (I am aware of that). I dont really know why these instincts are different from human instinct but they are but really difficult to explain why they are.
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