Kerguelen Oct 2, 2016
I've got a test for kintypes, although it might be a bit too stringent for some situations:
Would you mind being forced to live as X thing for a year? Assuming it does not affect your current life (let's say you magically get teleported to some parallel universe, so no one notices you were ever "gone").

Of course, to get a real answer to that, you have to stop and seriously consider how long a year is and think about everything from your current life you would have to exchange for it. You can't just decide you want to because it sounds fun, you have to really think about what that means. Consider that there is no shapeshifting out of it and once you've agreed to it, there's no going back. Would you still do it?

I like bears, but I wouldn't want to be one for more than a few days, I bet. I like albatrosses, but their shape feels wrong.
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