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End of another day in the life of a dragon

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Another day in clothes, I mean seriously what is it with clothes. I am used to feeling the wind on my scales and now I have a wardrobe full of varying clothes for reasons I cannot fathom. Clothing to keep one warm? Nah since a lot of the clothing is to look good. So the only reason I can see is to act the peacock, to stand out to display personality. If clothing was to cover up ones dignity (shows how fragile humans are if they cannot accept their form being looked at by others) then why so much diversity and why so much risktaking (yes I am talking to the short skirts and low cut tops for females).

Anyway, after clothes it is the routines, I can't stand it sometimes. There is no variety without risk, everyday is the same thing, get up, go to work, come home, cook, sleep. Deviate from that and you risk losing something important.
When you add it up it seems more and more of ones life is being dedicated to anything but oneself. There is hardly any time for self reflection without it being needed for others, your boss, your family, even random strangers..

I need some time to myself without some nutter telling me I am wrong again
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