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Entry Five

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Winter Woes (Whoa, a title, that's new)

I cannot stand the cold.

I'm not talking 32°F. I'm not talking 50°F. I'm talking 70°F.

Anything below 80° and I'm shivering. I can not stand the cold. I sit all day at school in 90° Louisiana heat in a hoodie. My parents keep the house at 72° and I sit on the couch under at least two comforters. And everybody looks at me like I'm insane because I'm shivering in the middle of Fall. Don't side-eye me just because you're comfortable and I'm cold.

It's cold.

I'll fight you.

Fall still isn't here yet and I'm already ready for it to be summer again.

Still somewhat on the topic, I've begun to research something strange that my body has developed.

I'm not talking TMI develop, don't start wincing just yet.

It seems that just when my body is on the verge of responding "normally" (I use quotes because feeling is relative, therefore there really isn't a normal when it comes to perception,) to heat, it adjusts itself. By focusing on the first vertebra of the thoracic section of my spine, I can effectively cause a cool wave to run down it. I said above that I'm still researching it, as I'm unsure exactly what it is and why it happens, so if anyone has any ideas, I'm 100% open to hearing them.

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