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Failings of the Human form

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How to start this one?
The teeth, well come on people which species in nature has to brush their teeth to keep them? I mean seriously this is a joke, either the human body is frail or they are making all the wrong things and no-one is willing to do anything about it.
Next Muscles? Ever wondered how is it so easy to gain fat and so difficult to lose it and gain muscle instead, I mean seriously it is as if the human body rewards neglect and greed instead of hard work and dedication.
The human form is vulnerable to about half a dozen ways to die and yet seems hell bent on devolving and relying solely on artificiality to survive and grow. It scares me to have offspring in this world where no-one tries to achieve the best they can with their bodies. I was just the same, sucked into the human failing and I am trying my HARDEST to dig myself out but during such times I look around and see that natural health and optimiztion are made harder and harder whilst gluttony and sloth are prized.

How I worry for this species
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