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For one while...

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For a moment, I was free.

Free of all doubt, all worry, all stress.

Then today, just sat here, it all came rushing back.

Otherkin stresses? No, still my own reality of self.

There has even been a time today where I felt like I was just a separate consciousness to this body, differing and controlling in a way, or just observing.

I've trawled a few depersonalisation forums, and the majority of what I read match up with what I experienced, with how I feel. I don't doubt the reality around me, I doubt my own realness. Add that on top of the feeling of always being judged, being watched, being laughed at silently, and yet people wonder why I don't like being social...

After all this time, I might not be kin, and I'm okay with that.

Is it worth the constant stresses? The constant turmoil I seem to be in even with the consideration of the idea? I keep reading through everything else everyone else has said, and it seems so different to what I felt. Maybe what I felt was just a placebo effect of some kind, from finding and discovering the community further.
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