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Today was a great day! HouseofChimeras and solarsuntzu came up to visit, a little powwow of the Arkansas kin, and I'm still giddy. Friendly friends. Yay!

Okay I sound like a five year old, but in all honestly I'm ridiculously thrilled about it. Apparently they had fun too, because they're planning to come back. Talking with other plurals was really a relief, Teresa was addressed directly by name and she's a happy camper. I'm so glad we did this. If I keep writing it's just going to be endless gushing about how fantastic this was, so I'll just end it with an emphatic than you on behalf of Teresa and myself to everything that led to today happening. Kinmunity, Discord, etc. I'm so happy, I could dance on a roof. Whee!

Calm down already. Yeah it was fun, I like having them around. Let's hope we can show them a good time next visit too. I'm thinking High Rise and the park-garden?

Maybe the fountain park, it's on the way. And the pizza place.

Definitely, I want to see their faces.

So hopefully it'll be just as awesome. I highly recommend trampolines to any flying kin out there!
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