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What am I? Syret has been talking more and more. Normally he has trouble speaking unless I'm meditating, but he's been getting better at it.

Am I lying to myself? I've been getting more and more convinced that I am, and that I'm not really 'kin, but Syret wants to assure me that I'm not. He thinks that he is a manifestation of my kintype. I tell him that I created him. That he didn't have to exist. He says he knows that.

How am I not lying to myself then? I'm just convincing myself of things. He wasn't destined to exist, he wasn't there the whole time, and that makes me think that I'm not kin. I just created him because I wanted him, not because he was meant to be.

I want to feel complete, I want to feel right. This feels right and wrong at the same time.

And I'm such a mess. I feel like this should be who I am, but I don't at the same time.

Even if Syret isn't really a manifestation of my kintype, if I am really not kin at all, he's still here. He's awake. He's real.

Oh, Syret. You are my only solace. Please carry me away from here. Take my hand and tell me that it's going to be okay. That we will find peace. That you have a purpose.

And he does.
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