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Getting in Touch with My Guardian Angel

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I've been meditating outside for the past couple of days and it's given me this odd sense of peace, that I can't even explain. The bird chirping, the animals running around, it's so amazing. As I was meditating today, I just had this sudden flash of inspiration, that I wanted to connect to my guardian angel. I've done a higher self meditation before and it felt really, really, good. I felt this love and happiness wash over me, even if it was only for a few seconds. When I was coming out of the meditation though, I saw this golden figure sort of flash by me and smile. I've read that angels often have a goldenish aura, or are a golden energy, so I'm guess that was my guardian angel, since it gave me a really bright smile and seemed so proud and happy to see me. Anyway, I'm gonna meditate for a while and see if I can get anything.
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