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He's got hooves down below his knees

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This is another situation where there isn't anything too specific to write about, but I felt like writing anyway. As such, that title has nothing to do with anything at all, but I randomly had that song stuck in my head.

Though I'm still on hiatus for figuring out my kin type (that hiatus presumably will end the next time TUF kicks in), I've decided to start meditating again. This is for a variety of reasons: to help me connect with my non-human side, to help me relax, and to help make Pan a bit more "real." He's the main reason, I suppose. I'm hesitant to put in all of the effort and focus required to go much further with tulpa making because I don't think I'll be able to focus on it and don't have much time, but he's been pushing me. And I guess that itself is a good start.

Connecting with my fauntaur side is still very important to me, and I still get pangs of formsickness all the time. It's not easy since I don't really shift. I can have vague sorts of shifts if I put effort into it, but that's all. And while I'm always the first person to insist that we all remember that we're human, that doesn't mean I like it. This always seems to get worse around the summer.

Maybe that's because of GenCon. Since I know some of the people who sometimes read my blog are relatively new, I'll explain. As you may already know, GenCon is a huge tabletop gaming convention. And two years ago, because of an event at Gencon, I had the biggest instance of TUF ever. It was pretty devastating. Luckily it wasn't such a problem last year. The convention is tons of fun though, and I signed up for some cool events. Anyone else going by any chance? It's in Indianapolis.

That's about all I have to say this time around. I'm going to try to ask Pan to put together his own entry in a while.
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