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I feel I have made a mistake about my identity

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About six months I stumbled upon the idea of Multiplicity, learned about it, however never really took a deep look at it again until now. I thought I was multiple, however with another take with my therapist (because she is my helping hand with this) and telling her my doubts about being plural from the beginning and she helped me through my train of thought until we came to a consensus: No, I am not plural.

I am sorry for posting something false like this on here, and I am sorry I took something like so nonchalantly. She told me I am someone who, yes, has many parts to me however it is more along the lines of having a wide range of emotions instead of separate identities.

This has been a learning curve for me to take deeper looks into myself before proclaiming to be something. This should have been a lesson I learned quite a while ago (my alterhuman identity spawning from Tumblr, of course), however I guess I needed a second run through with this.

I do hope I have not offended anyone with this misinformation about myself, which is the reason why I wanted to catch this as early as possible instead of having a running proclamation. Like said above I will be trying my best to work out my identities better before stating them as fact. I am sorry for this confusion.

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