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I have to say it.

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Psychological and neurological otherkinity doesn't make sense either.

Sure, people can believe what they want, but I don't understand how someone who literally identifies as a nonhuman can be so closed off to spiritual stuff at the same time? The psychological/neurological "explanations" have a lot of holes in them. Holes that I've not seen anyone acknowledge, never mind try to fill.

Sure, maybe your brain wiring's different... but how does that lead to you identify as some specific animal - usually one that you've never had any real contact with before - and somehow instinctually know how that animal thinks and what its body feels like? How and why would your brain form such a complex connection to something you've never interacted with, identified with or had an interest in?

I can understand the trauma reasoning to an extent - say, if an abused or neglected child grew up around dogs and spent more time around them than humans, I can absolutely understand how they could come to identify as a dog rather than human. Or even a wolf. But what's the psychological reasoning for someone identifying, and having shifts, as an animal they'd never even heard of before they awakened? How do you explain someone randomly awakening as... say, a coatimundi or a boomslang? Or an animal that's been extinct for millions of years? Sure, that's not as common as people identifying as wolves or big cats, but it still happens.

And that's not even taking into consideration all the 'kin who identify as some obscure kind of mythological creature. How do you even rationalise that?

I'm not saying that neurological/psychological otherkinity doesn't exist. In fact, I'm almost certain there are people whose identity is as it is for solely psychological/neurological reasons. It just seems like most atheist/non-spiritual otherkin see otherkin as all identifying for the same reason, and see the spiritual beliefs as wishful thinking - but, in some cases at least, that reasoning doesn't add up.

Truth is, there is big gaping holes in all of our theories - spiritual, psychological and neurological - and I feel like the community really needs to acknowledge that.

((This isn't a dig at anyone, I promise. In fact, I think Kinmunity is by far one of the most accepting communities I've come across. This is something that's bothered me ever since I joined the otherkin community a few years ago... it just seems odd to me that I've never seen it brought up.)
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