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I probably find this too amusing...

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Not directly related to therianthropy, just something funny I've picked up on.

The only person in the world that I've told about my identity is my mum. Even then, I just told her about the wolf part - didn't want to make it too weird. It was about 2 am in the morning and I was going through a major depressive spell.. I was a mess. All the time. And it was the middle of the night and I cracked and told her about it.

I didn't bring up the word "therianthropy" at all, or talk about shifts and the like. I just knew from a previous conversation that she had some past life memories when she was a kid (she's since forgot them), so that seemed like a good way to approach the subject. I told her all about how I remember being a wolf, and how I'm homesick and I miss my old family and I don't really feel like I belong here. She took it *way* better than I was expecting. I'd been out of the community for about a year at that point, and she was actually the one that encouraged me to get involved in it again (I guess I should thank her that I'm here).

But that was a few months ago now, and when I told her it was some ridiculous hour in the morning and she was half asleep. So now I'm in this situation where I can tell she's trying to figure out if all that stuff I said was something that really happened, or a dream. She hasn't actually asked me about it, but she'll sometimes point wolf-related things out too me, or comment on some of my more wolf-like behaviours, as if she's gauging for a reaction. And I'm mostly nonchalant about it and basically give her no hints at all.

It's probably bad of me to be so amused by this... but I just find it kind of funny. I'm curious how it'll play out, too. Back when I "came out" to her, I told her I would almost certainly never bring up the subject again - and because that conversation was so difficult for me, I'm pretty sure I'll stick with that. So I'm just waiting for her to approach me and ask whether that was something that really happened or not. :p
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