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I think I may be Psychological Otherkin

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My identity in this community started to become what can only be described as "off" when I started to feel an attraction to a fictional character, that character being Centipeetle from Steven Universe. So as I read the library articles on Fictionkin I also decided to read about the Psychological and Spiritual sides to an Otherkin identity. I mainly skimmed the later because I already know the basics, however I read the Psychological page in whole, and something..."clicked" I guess.

I looked back at my Kintypes, finding any ways I could or couldn't be a Psychological Otherkin, and the "could be" list started stacking. It says in the article that:

Psychological Otherkinity as an inherent/innate part of one’s Psyche. This is characterized by the belief that one’s non-human identity was present in the mind/brain from birth. It is possible to believe that whatever causes one to identify as non-human was present from birth even if the identity developed later in life. Similarly, many believe that they were not “born with” a non-human identity, but perhaps that they were born pre-disposed to certain elements of the identity that result in developing a non-human identity over time.
(Please note the bold/italicized sentence!)

So how did I figure out I am a Dragon? Well a read a book when I in 3rd grade about dragons? Well how about being a Vulture? Well once I got lost in the Jungala area of Busch Gardens when I was young and was found by a worker there who had a bird, so I grew to have a connection with birds. And how about the Coyote kintype? I have been raised with dogs all my life, that may have lead to my look at more canines to find an identity.

All of the above happened when I was young and could have led me to develop a non-human identity over time.

Now what about the Cons to these Pros? Well I have felt a spiritual connection to these animals, however I have seen dragons, dogs, and birds as Power Animals at one point or another. Memories? All the memories I have are from my Dragon kintype that I remember Daydreaming and creating in my head. Meditation sessions? All I have had control over.

For now all of the signs of my identity point toward Psychological reasons.

I thought I might as well share this, maybe you can give advice, but I am still unsure about whether I am a Spiritual Otherkin or Psychological. I will still be doing my digging and searching, of course!

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