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I wish

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Honestly, sometimes I just wish I had easier and less complicated kintypes. It's super awkward and really, just a pain in the but to instead of saying "I am foxkin and batkin" to have to say "I am Domestic Georgian White Foxkin and Virginian Long-Eared Batkin". No, I really don't have to say that but when sending in requests on tumblr (yeah, first world problems I know) it's just super difficult to have to add all of that. And on top of all of that my theriotypes' personalities's are also strange!

Aena lived in the city, was separated from their family, only eats incests (making it impossible for me to do food requests), and was very young.

Hedley is just.. don't even get me started on Hedley. He was domesticate in Russia and by many dreams I have had was a first generation fox there. Meaning, he was captured from the wild as a pup, stuffed into a cage and trained to be tamed. I remember having this one nightmare where I was small and inside of a cage, it was cold and all around me were other cages with sleeping foxes and a snowy forest. A huge owl swooped down and I remember jumping back and snarling and yipping at the bird, then I woke up.
The weirdest thing that I have to explain to people when talking about Hedley is that I didn't name him like I did Aena (I named my bat theirotype so I wouldn't have to call them just the bat) but that Hedley was the name his owners have him. The other thing is that i'm not portraying Hedley as being feminine, Hedley's owners just gave him feminine things like pink leashes and collars and a fuzzy pink blanket that I remember very vividly.

Hedley is so complicated... so so complicated.
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