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Ill fortune

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I'm sorry to make our first days here so sad and unproductive, but something terrible has happened. We may not be online for a while, or may be depressed when we do, as we try to cope with this crisis.

Our 11-year-old dog, Chill, is dying of kidney failure. We're doing our best to treat him, but theres really nothing we can do to save him. We're hoping and praying, but we aren't even sure he'll survive the night.

This is doubly devastating because we are still mourning the sudden and violent loss of our pit bull puppy, Drift, who died in an accident in June. We are not in any way emotionally prepared to lose both our dogs the same year, but there's nothing we can do except try to stall.

If anyone can spare a few kind words, we could really use the emotional support.

Sorry again, and thank you for your patience.
-Horatio of Hastur System
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