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I'm Editing My In Progress Novel ^.^

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Ive currently got a story up on wattpad.com called "The Tale of Two Wayward Princesses" but, I've realized that I want it to be far more than a simple internet thing. I really am hoping to get it published but, I'm only half finished with it right now. So I'm gonna have to go through all 20 chapters revising and editing my work... I can already feel the annoyance and see the time rolling by XD

But, it's what I have to do if I want it to be worthy of actually publishing. Besides I owe it to a friend of mine who's illustrating for said novel to actually get it published so, I can possibly make some money and pay her back. (She doesn't want money, she really is doing this because she loves the story and is just that great of a friend but, she's done so much illustration I feel it's only right)

So if you guys wanna know more about it, you can ask me as much as you want. Or I'll make another blog post on the plot or the characters or anything else. OuO (I'll probably blog about it again anyway, since I spent a lot of time working on it) or I can just give you guys a link... if you're actually interested...
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