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In My Head; Help?

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I didn't really know what to write for my first blog, but I'm just going to talk about what happens throughout my day, mental illness wise. Maybe this will help others, and maybe you can help me. I know I can't be the only one.
Because of my two illnesses, I unlike most Schizophrenics, which usually live in
two realities, I live in four, so many things are going on in my head at all times. I've gone to many doctors/psychiatrists/therapists/etc about the matter and they really can't figure out anything about this one illness except that it is permanent and worse than Schizophrenia. The other illness is another permanent illness that makes me feel things differently than most people. It also doesn't help that I can't say, "hey, I'm a demon, could this mean anything different for me?" or, "hey, there's two souls inside this dumb body, would that change it?"
Maybe I should just summon my old buddy Gusion and be like, "hit me up bro? Wtf is this".
Does anyone have any ideas what this could be, of if it might be otherkin related?
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