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*inches back into forum*

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Having a few days off this (and most of the internet as a whole) seems to have helped. I was just having a down spell, apparently, and it's mostly passed. The anxiety too. I'm glad I took the time off, though - I'm no fun at all when I'm depressed. I'm going to try and start posting again, though the forum seems to have fallen asleep a little. I guess this has been a bad week for quite a lot of us. Seems to have been.

For anyone who's interested, I went to see a psychologist a few days ago, and they did a couple of referrals to some support programs, so hopefully I'll be able to actually start working on improving my depression and anxiety instead of just coping with it! The waiting list for the actual psychology department is about a year, but I should have enough support in place to tide me over until then. It'll be nice not having to deal with all this stuff on my own anymore.

All's been quiet on the otherkin front, besides some particularly fun and horrifying phantom shifts (pretty much the norm for me) and a couple of days of angst when I just wanted to not be a demon thing anymore because it's confusing. But I got over it, apparently.

Also, to anyone who's asked for art: yeah, I haven't really been working on it, whoops. Art block and all that. But I'll try and get back on it now that I'm not feeling so down. :)

Anyway, I'm going to try and keep from venting in this blog long enough to write at least a few coherent entries. Got lots of stuff I'd like to write but haven't felt up to it yet.
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