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Interesting shifts

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I had a couple of very... umm, interesting shifts last night. Both mental and phantom. I don't want to go into the mental side of things, or what triggered the shift (still trying to find a way to rationalise it that doesn't sound excessively weird), but the phantom shift was pretty cool. And it was a relatively strong one, too.

I basically looked like a mixture between a deathclaw and a dragon, with the general body shape of a deathclaw but shorter arms, backward-facing horns and a few sets of vestigial wings. I also felt scales, with plates on some parts of my body and a few rows of spikes along my back. And, because I'm me, I also had a bunch of small limbs going along most of my underside, and possibly some extra eyes too. Basically, I felt very demon-y and it was great. Probably would've looked horrifying, though. That's fine. I'm 100% okay with being nightmare fuel.

I mean, I don't put any real meaning behind that shift - the form itself doesn't feel any more meaningful than any of the others I've taken. It just felt good to have such a vivid phantom shift, and that's the first time I've shifted into a form that's particularly "demonic".

Hmm... I should draw it when I'm not feeling too lazy. It's been too long since I've done any kintype art (or art in general... stupid art block).
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