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Every night, without fail, I will obsess over my body. Its terribly time comsuming but I can't help it, my fingers scrutinize every fold in my flesh.

My wretched meatsuit with its defunct brain that is also gloriously mad. After all, it does promote the use of Sight and has become rather good at filling in the visual gaps where people like Raz are concerned.

My horns are heavy and I can feel the tips of my pointed ears. My teeth sit funny in my mouth as I try to compensate for my enlarged canines. My wings weigh on my back, at times like this I have to lay on my stomach and lay them out beside me.
I always feel taller than myself. Here I am average for a female.

Every night, without fail, I will obsess over my mind, pick apart the thoughts and regurgitate it out into the masses.

Its what the cool kids do.
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