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Is anyone out there?

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It would seem I'm talking to myself in an endless sea. Well it has began to rain now. I'm feeling depressed. But even now I feel something inside of me screaming in the dark fighting to live on. Telling me we are only getting started. It looks hopeless and we lost but it's not over yet. I'M STILL HERE! Don't back down, don't give up. The fight is half the fun.

People say I'm going to hell because I'm not a clone of the poodle in the front row jumping up and down blowing smoke up everyone's but. Hehehe XD Gladly! That's the whole idea. I can't wait to make satin choke on his on intestines. Everyone say (Oh no don't mess with satin he's evil.) HAAA! Please. He's a scared piss ant. He hasn't seen real fire yet. Wakey wakey. Are you getting this?
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