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It would be nice

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I just joined another otherkin forum today called Therian Wilderness - saw some familiar faces on there, actually, though nobody's really been active since I joined up earlier today. I mostly just wanted to see what it was like there, read the old posts and stuff. Seems a little dead, which is a shame.

Seeing it got me thinking... there's not as many as there used to be, but there's still at least a few therian and otherkin forums that are still alive, as well as a few non-forum communities (I recently found out about one on G+ but haven't got around to introducing myself there). But they're all so quiet. There's a few people who are part of more than one, but it seems like most just stick to one forum/community.

I was just thinking how great it would be if we could get everyone in one place. Unrealistic, I know, but... it would be nice. To get the whole community together. Most of those forums aren't really different from one another, except the people on them.

Sometimes I get to thinking that maybe I should try and start up something like that. But then I realise that I have no tech knowledge at all, I've not been around the community long enough to feel like I should be doing something like that, and whatever I did would probably end up just dying like 90% of the otherkin forums you see.

And then thinking about that got me thinking about my old idea to start up a "pack". No, not one of those silly ones with weird rankings and wolfaboo crap. More like... an online 'home'. A kind of loose family, I guess. Sounds nice, but again, it would be hard to set up and I doubt it'd work out anyway. I've heard of things like that before, but those were all groups of otherkin who knew each other offline too. Trying to do it all via the internet? Nah, probably wouldn't work out anything like how I'm naively imagining it.

I guess depression didn't eat all of my idealism after all. I just find it kind of sad that none of this is realistically possible.
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