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I've had enough!!

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Im not one to back down or throw in the towel but everything recently has gotten to me and im fed up. Ive put so much effort in to this life to make something but it's always been thrown back in to my face. I hate my work,my parents want to charge me rent rendering aned future investments, i get grief every where i go, been neglected and abused, i keep failing my driving, i beat my selth when i am down, im expected to be more.
I just want to cry my life away and spend it with the rest of the dirt of this world, on benefits, drinking and crying.
I miss isabell
I want to be free
Bound by no one, no morgue, debt or humanity
But why do i bother, the pain is to much and im gona break into a million pieces.
I miss you isabell, im sorry i carnt be with you.
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