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Just a thought....

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Well, I wasn't sure where else to put this, since it's kind of an odd topic, even here. Or maybe that's just me. This is going to be very stream of consciousness, because that's just how my thought process is on the subject at the moment. Any memories I have are limited, primal, and not very helpful for figuring out much, because they are mostly emotion, or scent, taste or touch. I need to see if I can manage to dredge up more, but until then, I'll keep on as I have.

Something that occurred to me the other night, while talking to a few people in the chat lobby, is that as a celestial being that has fallen, become demonkin, I am living in a vessel. Now, my current assumption is that I was put here by someone who really did not much like me, because they stuck me, not only in a human body, but in the wrong one. I'm a transman. My life at the moment is going through some huge adjustments as I try very hard to just keep functioning on a day to day basis and working a job to keep myself fed and clothed and sheltered. All of this is because I cannot afford to transition, or to have a therapist.

Either way, I guess so far you're winning, whoever you are. You didn't like me, and now I'm here. I have some very strong words for you.

If anyone has any thoughts on this concept, of someone being forced to fall and trapped in a body that is not only a prison but a punishment, please, let me know? I don't know how else to word this at the moment.
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