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Kin Memories - Part 1 [Cats]

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I was a pretty fat orangey-brown house cat, though I don't remember my name. I wasn't like Garfield or anything, I was moreso just a chubby active cat who tried its best. (I don't remember the gender I was as a cat either, but cats don't have concepts of gender so its all fine.)

I distinctly remember refusing to eat dry food, and I was very picky, only eating chicken cat food. My owners would have to slip cat suppliments into my food, and I knew they did, but I ate them to appease my owners.

I really liked the cat tower I had, and I'd spend my time mostly sitting in or sleeping in the topmost compartment.

I don't have a ton of memories of being a cat, but I desperately want to get more!! I'll make another post about being a cat when I get more memories!
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