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Kintype ponders - Coyote

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Here is the first entry of Kintype Ponders all about my Coyote Kintype! This will be more like a list than a paragraph structure and it is going to start with my shifts and how I came to the conclusion of a Coyote.

Shifts (going in order of the article What's Therianthropy?)


  • These mainly comes in quick bursts that generally don't last long.
  • Mainly mentality of "I should chase that!" or "Bark at him if she hurts them," sort of stuff.
  • The last major mental shift I had was in 2015 while playing capture the flag at my school. I was guarding our flag when a person of the opposing team started to try and get the flag. I started to do a closed mouth growl while blocking him, he ended up getting it, and I started to chase him through what seemed to be pure instinct. I was knocked out of the shift when I ran into a muddy area of the field and fell down.

  • While meditating I some time take on the physical appearance of my Coyote kintype.

  • I feel my sensory shifts are things my mind makes up whenever I mentally shift fully, my body just seems to be putting more focus on my senses to make them work "better."

  • I have only ever had my aura in the shape of my human body.

  • I have a few dreams of me as a canine that I relate to my Coyote kintype, if it is a Cameo shift then the dream would most likely bring me to a pond to see myself as some other canine or the dream is third person.

  • I have had to many shifts and experiences for this to be a Cameo shift.

  • I have never been on the Astral plane.


  • I have been unable to do a Bi-location shift.

  • I wish...

Now, how I boil it down to a Coyote, or what was my thought process that lead me to the conclusion of a Coyote:

When I first joined the community I was convinced to be Wolfkin, however as I went on it changed to a Wolf-dog hybrid. It was like this for most of my Otherkin path before something really amazing happened:

I was in the car with my mom driving home from school. See our school is set in a very uncontrollable area that has overgrown plants, streams, and a forest down the street. While we were driving out of the woods comes a Coyote. I point it out and we pull over to the side of the road (opposite of the coyote) and watched it. It stared at us, most likely out of fear, but it soon seemed to calm down. It starred right at me (and this may be a bit cheesy), and we started to trade emotions. It was giving off a calming vibe, and I got the impression that it knew I wasn’t human (on the inside that is!) I felt like the Coyote claimed me as one of its own.

From then at Christmas I got a drawing done of me and a canine, it was supposed to be a wolf but turned out more like a Coyote, which really set it into place for me.

And that is basically it! Next time I will be doing my Himalayan Vulture kintype!
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