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Kintype ponders - Himalayan Vulture

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Alright HERE is the Himalayan Vulture Kintype Ponders, SO let’s get into it!!

Shifts (going in order of the article What's Therianthropy?)

• These are very rare for this Kintype, and only come in quick bursts. Mainly something along the lines of “I need to fly away.”
• I have not had sensory shifts to this Kintype.
• I am unable to have aura shifts.
• Dreams are what really boiled it down to a Himalayan Vulture. It was a series of Dreams where each time I would see a specific coloration of my wings, and this soon bled over to my Daydreams and meditations too.
• I highly doubt that this is just a Cameo shift.
• I am unable to astral shift.
• Wings that run along my arms.
• Talons instead of feet.
• A feather crest.
• I am unable to bi-locate.
• *sigh* I really wish, my friend.

I start to question an avian Kintype after doing a Past Life Regression on YouTube, there it lead me to a Griffon. Me, being on Tumblr and all, took it on as a Kintype with no further analyzing. About a month later I took the same Past Life Regression and this time got an avian-like alien (you can read all about these struggles in my older blog posts.) From there I dropped both as Kintypes and started to figure out what this mystery Kintype was. I notice the avian pattern and started from there. Then I started getting a series of dreams where I had a specific wing coloration and pattern that soon bled into my daydreams and meditation sessions. From there, along with the help of others on here, I found out about the Himalayan Vulture and I have been happy with it since!

So there we go!
I am still going to do some more posts on Whiteout to see if there is anything else that I am missing that may not make her a Kintype.

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