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Kintype ponders - Intro

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My Kintypes have been doing to many weird things for too long for it to just be a coincidence and I just need some time to explains what is happening. For the past I would say 2 weeks I have not had any of the normal shifts I do have.

For example, on a regular a basis I was able to completely feel my wings (most likely from my Himalayan Vulture) and on some occasions am able to control them- let it be voluntary or involuntary (mainly the later through "instinctual" actions.) However now I rarely feel them and if I am lucky I am able to feel just the bases of them (like now, which mainly inspired me to write this.) Along with the lack of phantom shifts I have also had a lack of mental shifts, which should happen every so often (once every four days, and always as quick bursts of "I should chase that!" or "I need to wrap my wings around him RIGHT NOW.")

Along with the lack of shifts I have been unable to "connect" to them via meditation, and if I do I am unable to control myself and never really get anything answered, or it is a rerun of any other past seasons in a different prospective which I do admit is helpful however I am unable to decipher any of it as of this moment.

This lack of connection to my identity has been somewhat startling because the last time this happened I was on Tumblr and I started to stack on 3 Kintypes a day it seemed. However I know I no longer have Tumblr as my center piece of my Otherkin life and I am thankful for that, but also however I am reasonably scared of what could happen on here.

This has caused me to reevaluate my Kintypes, and I am still in the process of doing so, and I thought it would be best to post what I have stumbled through onto here. I guess this blog post is an introduction to a "series" that I will be starting in my blog as a sort of guide.

I am going to start with my Coyote Kintype than work from there, stating all shifting experiences and reasons for and against me identifying as a Coyote. I will soon get to my other Kintypes but I am going to start here and see where I go.

Lets see how this goes down!

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