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Kintype Rant: the Alien that wasn't even an Alien

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I just need to rant for a moment about my Alien kintype, that I am now realizing isn't even an Alien...

This Kintype came up as a possibility, and confirmed soon after, after I did a Past life regression found on Youtube (smart I know). This was the second time I had tried the regression, the first time bringing the idea of being a Gryphon. Of course this was back when I was mainly on Tumblr so I quickly took both identities. However I "dropped" the Gryphon idea, along with the majority of my acclaimed kintypes, soon after realizing I "chose" them as identities. After getting rid of a mass majority of my Kintypes I kept six: Dragon, Coyote, Alien, Void, Hailstorm (Wings of Fire), and Gaster (Undertale). Then I joined Kinmunity and merged the Void and Gaster kintypes together (because Gaster was split into time and space blah blah blah), then DROPPING Gaster and Hailstorm because they were characters I just related too and not Kin with. So thanks Kinmunity for helping me with that!

After all that I had my three Kintypes: Dragon, Coyote, and Alien.

BUT (OH NO ITS NOT OVER YET) I have come now to realize that I can't trust Past life regressions completely, WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED?!

However the PLR wasn't completely wrong both times I tried it. The key idea I have found to be correct was the Avian aspect. However the space, alien side of this "Alien" kintype wasn't right (Like I have said two hundred other times). So I am going to start calling myself Aviankin instead.

I guess I will go ahead and start a guide for the Avian kintype, but not now, its like 10:14 pm and I'm tired. So bye!

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