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Kona's Kin Thoughts (Sep 13) Let me tell you about my theriotypes and kintypes!

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So I've finally sorted out a little "kin" page on Tumblr (yes, I know, I know.) Because I'm obsessed with organization.
So why not, I'll copy it down here!

From left to right:
  • Macaw (usually hybrid macaws or Greenwing macaws, but I have shifted as different breeds, such as Military macaws and mini macaws.)
  • Lesser Sulfur-crested Cockatoo (i haven't felt this one in a long time but it sparks every now and then!)
  • Dragon (I am questioning this because it is fairly recent, but I realize i have a LOT of dragon memories.)
  • Tiger / Smilodon (This may be a cameo shift because it only comes now and then.)
  • Coyote (this is the one kintype that has stayed with me my whole life and hasn't gone away. It's almost constantly there.)
And now I'll show you my fiction-hearts and copinglinks, and my confusion with them!

  • Max Caulfield (I am not sure about this one, I played the game one day and absolutely was immediately connected to her, it wouldn't leave me, and I couldn't shake the feeling. I began to have intense mental shifts of her and now it barely shows up. I am not sure if this was a fiction-kintype, or something else, but it's something, so I've listed it.)
  • Medli from LOZ (I have felt like this since I've played Wind Waker for the first time! it's a kintype that hasn't left me and I consider it one instead of a copinglink or a heart. It's definetly something. I have memories of being her and often get phantom shifts of her but haven't in a while.)
  • Morty from Rick and Morty (This is a copinglink, I think! I feel very connected to Rick And Morty's dimensional universes and feel a kin-like connection to them but I am not sure if it's kin, I think it's more of an identity thing.)
  • Druid, World of Warcraft (This is probably some sort of other-hearted thing, because I always felt like a shapeshifter since a kid but I am now relating more kinwise to medieval things and magick / paranmoral. Warcraft definetly allures me with those themes. I am still questioning this one!)
Anyways that's that! Feel free to leave comments / feedback. Hopefully I haven't misused any terms, I don't wanna come off as silly.
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