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Kyoko's Ramblings 2

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It has been a slow and tiring day, on both accounts, on both worlds. There is not much to do except the remains of paperwork. There's always paperwork. It's organised chaos, even when it looks like a new pile starts up every morning, I know exactly where everything is, but at the end of the day, it is all finished, not a page left unturned.

As for the news channels over there, they are more concerned over the latest media involvement, whatever that heap of a corporation has done next... It is tearing, since the management has changed slightly, they have seemed to improve, but it cannot outweigh their past. It never will, all things considered. It shows in their security design on EDEN, in some places they are more exposed, accounts are more at risk for those who do not take more extreme precaution, like any innocent user would. As with any social network, it is useful to a degree, but go past that degree and things go from bad to worse very quickly.

It makes me smile to see that the group that tries to dabble in the occult are still poking around, they have not given up hope yet. This is my home, the myths are easily dispelled. But I can see the appeal in an unsolved mystery, it's always more appealing. I wonder sometimes if they've found something new to chase, whatever their next great mystery that would be. I'm sure they'll find something, even if they wear holes in the floor from their travels.
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