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Life is a game

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You know
They may say life just is
Things just are
Events just happen
The Future
Is no more than the product of
The Past
But my pattern-seeking mind
Can’t help but to find
A strange order to the chaos
That is causality
Were these paths prepared?
I live by choice
Yet I choose upon circumstance
Directed by Existence
Led by Obligation
Pulled by Necessity
Driven by Desire
Maybe I’ve had no choice
And while that could make my path
I say it makes it
If my “choice” is by design
A design I cannot fathom
I will be
What I “became”
In the Future that has already been
Life is a game
It gives you choices
But directs your experience
You can’t choose outside what the game intends
But its guidance secures its enjoyment
If you keep going
You will reach the end
Your ending
As prescribed long before you started playing
Specifically designed to make playing
Worth your time and effort

So I keep playing
Because my game’s still going

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