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London calling

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Clearly the world is messing with me. It began on Thursday, when I was looking into a portable game to buy for my upcoming long trip to Europe. I came upon the Vita port of Odin Sphere, which looked pretty good. I mentioned this in a comment on my last post, and in a thread in the advice circle forum. I decided to look into the playable characters, and I found that one of them undergoes FT. So now I'm trying to decide if I want to play the game on the trip, or at all for that matter, given that it may cause problems for me.

Then, on Friday, I got a double dose of running into kin related things. After work I decided to walk around downtown Chicago and play Pokémon Go. I wandered into a Disney store, and just moments after I entered, the screens in the store started playing a clip from a Disney movie that involves FT and takes it rather seriously. I actually had avoided that movie for a while after seeing trailers. I'm almost embarrassed to say the name of the movie, so I'm just going to say that it wasn't Brave and let you fill in the rest.

Then, I wandered past the old water tower gallery, where Cards Against Humanity had an exhibition going on, believe it or not. You might know that they recently bought an original Picasso painting, which was displayed at this exhibition. You might not know that the painting is called “Tête de Faune” (“Faun Head” in French basically) and it’s exactly what it sounds like. That's “faun” as in satyr, or dare I say, as in “fauntaur.” It didn't bother me so much, but in such proximity to the other two it was really strange, since none of them were expected.

So yeah, it was an interesting, and it does almost feel like the world is trying to upset me. Darn you world! But the only thing that's a lingering issue is Odin Sphere and whether I should play it. And speaking of Odin Sphere and the world, as I mentioned before, I'm about to go on a long trip to Europe, so you probably won't hear much from me for two weeks after Friday. If you live in or around London, let me know; maybe we'll run into each other. As for the game, well, see my thoughts for that on the forum.
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