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Thinking about it today, I might be machine-hearted, considering my deep fascination/love for the machinery at work.

I love watching them work, or watching our engineer try to fix them. All the bits and pieces that go into those bespoke machines... Just wonderful. If I were more mechanically-minded, I would love to help him out, but I don't know much about machinery.

I hate it when someone hits them. Why abuse something, it will not make it work better. It only worsens them in the long run.

I also talk to them, asking why they don't work when they have a fault, asking what they want in some cases, praising them when they start working, and feeling so happy when they finally work.

I've always felt like they sometimes react due to the energy/vibes around them, of the operator. I have yet to find an explanation for why I think this.
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