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Magnus the advisor/tulpa

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Wow, it's been around a year since I started looking into tulpamancy...

Anyway, during that time I had somehow started to want to make another tulpa, I let my mind wander whilst I was at work and it seemed to settle on showing a view of a much older (around 50-ish) grey-haired man dressed in formal clothing stood behind me.

Somehow the name Magnus stuck, and the feeling I got surrounding him was he was more an advisor, someone to look at the bigger picture. He gave a sense of hope, slowed everything down. I could trick myself into thinking he was holding me, and it always seemed to get better. Just knowing he was there seemed to make things slightly better.

But then time passed and my mind switched again, although I did end up with a character based on Magnus...

Last night, as I was just sat there, Magnus came back, just stood there and acknowledged my wonderland presence in his fondness. And I feel like I've missed him, like I owe it to him this time, but I don't think he'd ever hold me to blame.
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