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Many Doubts

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Yay, Otherkin doubts. My favourite.

So, recently I started having the doubt that I may not even be otherkin, that I'm just tricking myself.
But then... My soul still feels inhuman, and at one point it felt in turmoil (the events I can't remember aside from crying and saying 'why was I sent here?'). I like helping people talk things through, I like listening to their stories, I like observing them and the world around them. Adding onto that I loved studying geology, more so when we started going down through the millions of years through the creation of the earth.

I mea, yes, I have Aspergers, so that in itself would hold make social grounds unsteady.

But one thing that hasn't changed is that I still believe this is somewhat spiritual, and it feels a lot... Deeper... Than whenever I think of it just being Aspergers playing with me.

When I recently tried past life regression (the same one I used to first discover that Angel/city/thing), I found nothing. I saw nothing. Even with the whole symbolism/mind's eye view of 'you're going through the door made of pure white light, and this is the door to your past life'.

Yeah, I've had cameo shifts before, so I now I'm thinking maybe the few instances of wings I felt were cameo shifts. Although I'm not sure I have an explanation for the aura shifts (I call them my 'oh I'm going to hit my head on that *ducks*' shifts).

Going about it another way, I've never looked at a picture of a creature and gone 'that's me! I know it is', things have never clicked for me like that. I've never had a longing for another place on this earth, and although I like looking up at the stars, watching rockets launch, and seeing all the pictures that devices like the Hubble telescope take, I'm not sure. Maybe I'm just a collection of space dust, who knows.

I just... I don't know anymore.

At least I have Kyoko. That's all I can say.
Protective soulbond is protective.

And of course I have all of your wonderful people, and many times have I thanked Spiritual Hunters (whether to them or not) that I found such fascination in learning about multiple systems
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