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Midday Ramble #8

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School is almost over, so far I haven't missed any homework which is surprising. I'm questioning a possible Satyr/Faun hearted identity, or maybe kintype. I've always felt some sort of strong connection to fauns and satyrs since I started studying mythology in 2nd grade. I don't understand hearted identities very well but i'm planning to studying more on it. If anyone could message me that would be very useful as well!

I just moved away from the people in front of me for being too homophobic/transphobic. They have been talking about it all year. Saying things like "homo, gay, and fag all mean the same thing" and using other stereotypes and offensive language to insult trans and gay people. I know my teacher can't do anything to make them stop due to it being against the law and stuff but I really need help. I'm not okay currently, i'm sad and unmotivated all the time. I'm going back to my therapist soon, hopefully she will help some. I also got Vent again but I doubt I will use it. I'm putting my account on private when I get back. Also I'm going to share my vent/nature Tumblr, i'll put it on my profile when I get home.

(Other: I'm trying to think of a color to make my text instead of just the grey/white standard tone either x or x.)
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