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Midnight Ramble #2

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Today was super weird. My fox theriotype has been acting so strange recently. If I get down on all fours and just close my eyes and focus I can have a phantom shift into him, I don't know if that's normal or not.
Today my dad and brother dragged me to the pool and by the way, I can't swim. So I walked into the poor and instantly felt uncomfortable in some way. I walked around uncomfortable as well on my legs, so I dropped down and almost instantly started doggy paddling. I probably looked like an idiot honesty. I actually felt my whole body feel like a fox, even feeling uncomfortable because my fur was all wet and sticking to me. I enjoyed swimming around like that for a while but soon or later my cousin through a ball at my head, I yelped and had to go after him.

I'm really scared of owls by the way, so the face that my friend is owl-hearted is really freaking me out secretly.

I still don't understand fictionkin though. I honestly wish I could understand their reasoning and stuff but it's just so confusing. Just because I don't understand it doesn't mean I don't disrespect them though. If anyone sees this and can explain it to me please message me either here or on my tumblr and explain it to me!
@ that person, nice job for actually reading this.
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