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Midnight Ramble #3

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Currently listened to traffic noises.. this is the most comforting thing ever. I just wanna fall asleep to this but then again I don't wanna sleep at all.
A few night ago I had this dream that this website was one big building. It was white and shiny and had lots of walls and stuff. Running down the middle was this walk way leading to a library of books and a few rooms labeled "discussion". I walked in through a front desk and someone, a women with white skin and long dark black hair recognized me, saying "Aena! Welcome back to the Kinmunity. You're already checked in". I walk through the door, only about 4 other people are in the large building. One person, skinny with wavy brown hair wearing a tail. They were on all fours, running around very wolf-like. It was like this building website thing was like a safe haven for people to shift mentally? Instinctively I got on all fours and hopped up the walls to walk around on the top layer of things where I saw one person standing in the corner, seeming pretty upset. I came up to them, still on all fours and sniffed them like my fox theriotype, Hedley would probably do. I realized what I was doing and stood up, shaking it off and waving to them.
"Hi!" I say in a cheerful tone.
"Hello.." they say back, not sounding as amused. I looked around, trying to see if someone else was around for back up support or something.
"Wh-what are you doing here? I don't think i've seen you around here before." I say in a calm tone. The person replies with "so no one does remember me... huh..". I shake my head, reassuring them that I had only just joined about a month (?) ago, not recent enough to know them. They introduced their self by a name I don't remember but as a male dragonkin. He had pink hair and glasses, he was also wearing red flannel and boot cut jeans.
I really don't remember much more of this dream, I just thought that the idea of this place built for people to freely walk about as animals or non-humans was just amazing. I wish I come back to this location in my dreams again at some point, that would be super neat.
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