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Midnight Ramble #4

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So I got into an astral projection but then something happened where I just suddenly thought to myself "this isn't real, stop thinking it is" and I started crying. I have had such an awful day with those sort of thoughts. Just so much questioning myself and now very much questioning my bat theriotype. I really had no clue what I was doing in the begging of my therian discoveries and now I'm wondering if maybe I just made up all of the bat stuff.
I feel like I identified as a bat but.. it's just been so long since i've shifted or meditated or anything involving that past life. I now know more about Hedley then I do Aena and it's just honestly bumming me out. I just miss Aena's memories so much it's just I also think that they died very young so they probably didn't have that many in the first place. It's so sad to think about to. I wish Aena had a longer life or that I could find out something about their family or anything because I feel like it's my job to make this life better for them. I'm getting way too emotional over this, i'm just going to blame pms.
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