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Midnight Ramble #5

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I wish I wasn't a therian. I want to just toss this part of me in the trash but I can't and I know I can't. I feel like i'm terrible in this community and I feel like i'm never doing anything right and there is so much pressure even on this website to be the perfect definition of a perfect non-human and to have yourself completely figured out on all terms and I'm just so upset about it all. It's just all making me so upset and mad and frustrated. It's making me upset how people don't believe me when I say i'm a therian and that i've experiences shifts and I meditate regularly because apparently you have to be at least 16 to claim who you are. I understand it's about maturity and stuff but it just makes me so angry that I can't identify myself because "i'm not old enough to understand". The same thing happens with my sexuality where kids my age and sometimes even adults tell me "oh you can't have already figured that out you're way too young!". I have known I was different from a very very young age when it come to sexuality and I had always felt misplaced in society. In the case of therianthropy I started feeling the other souls around when I hit puberty but I explore it until later.
Recently a good friend of mine went on to put up multiple rants on how she figured out some of my friends and I identify as non-human that were long and hurtful. Yet another reason I wish I wasn't born this was. No normal person is just going to accept someone with a non-human identity and I don't think that will ever change. I don't want to loose friends over this. I already feel uncomfortable in the main groupchat with that friend and talking to the friend at all now. She even finally was able to give me my birthday presents from forever ago but the day after when she put up the rants I couldn't even look at them the same and I had to toss them.
In conclusion I just wish I never figured my identity as a therian out. The dysphoria would be better then this.
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